The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro reaches the top of the DxOMark ranking ¬ĽERdC

The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro reaches the top of the DxOMark ranking ¬ĽERdC

The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro reaches the top of the DxOMark ranking

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Xiaomi has decided to bet strongly on the mobile photography section with the new Mi CC9 Pro. The device with 108MP camera penta has gone through the photographic evaluation platform DxOmark. In their performance tests they have determined that it is not only an excellent camera, but also One of the best cameras in the smartphone industry.

With a overall score of 121, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition has tied with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro to get the highest overall camera score of any phone tested so far. His photo score is two points lower than that of the Mate 30 Pro (130 vs. 132), although it remains one of the highest photo scores in history, even surpassing devices like the Galaxy Note 10+.

In addition to the above, the new device also Top the list in the subcategory of zoom with a score of 109. This is thanks to their two different focal length telephoto cameras, as well as a ‚Äútube of images‚ÄĚ that is used to provide quality telephoto images in a full range of different focal distances.

He 102 video score of Xiaomi CC9 Pro, on the other hand, is the highest jams registered by DxOMark. With that score, it surpasses devices like Google Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. The overall video score is derived from performance and results in a variety of attributes, and it is a great improvement sign from Xiaomi.

DxO's review of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro camera

DxO analysts point out the presence of telephone cameras as an advantage of this specific device. They mention that this setting is unusual and provides photographers an additional telephoto range compared to most other phones.


On the photographic side, sealan the very good performance in terms of zoom. This thanks to the two mentioned telephoto cameras. Sealan that there is a good balance between texture and noise. It also praises the speed and accuracy of autofocus. The camera also offers a good depth estimation for photos in portrait mode. For photos with wide angle there are lowered and good preservation of details. In the night shots they show up Natural skin tones by soft flash.

In the improvable aspects they mention the loss of sharpness towards the edges of the images. Under certain conditions there may be presence of violet lights in heaven. They finally mention that he has lower dynamic range than some other options.


Sealan a good level of detail in most conditions, with well controlled noise. There are also good exposure and adaptation to changing light levels. The recordings produce generally nice colors. Also the autofocus continues to stand out, including the subject tracking moving.

In the points against, there may be ‚ÄúJudder‚ÄĚ effect in paneos. Under certain scenes there may be some slight fps drops. Finally also point out the lower dynamic range than in some other rivals.