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How to turn off or turn on the WiFi automatically on Android


It is usual that in our Android phone we have WiFi enabled, so that when there is a known connection, such as home or work, the phone will connect to it automatically. This is something very comfortable for the user, although in the end it ends up wasting enough energy in this way, in an unnecessary way, to tell the truth.

In addition, there are times when we can forget to connect to that network or when we leave we still leave the WiFi on Android connected. They are actions that in many cases we forget, but that only help us to be spending battery on the phone in a somewhat useless way. Luckily, there are ways to make the WiFi turn on and off automatically.

In this case we are going to make use of applications for our Android phone. We can download them normally in the Play Store and they are dedicated to automatically turn off and on the wireless connection on the device. In a way that is efficient, do not drain battery and have it activated only when it is really necessary. A most comfortable option for users.

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WiFi Auto

This first application is one of the best known in this field, In addition to having good ratings in the Play Store by users. It is an application that will help us to enable the WiFi in Android to automatically connect to those networks that we have established as safe. So we prevent it from connecting to a network without us controlling it.

It also allows us to disconnect WiFi on Android when we are not in the area of ​​any of these networks. It is a most interesting application in that sense, but that also stands out for its ease of use. Since it has a very simple interface to use, in addition to giving us many customization options, such as making it run when we turn on the phone, among others.

A good way to avoid connecting to a WiFi network that is not secure, making us only connect when really necessary. In addition, it is a Very simple way to save battery on our Android phone, which is also another aspect of importance in this case. The download of this application is free. There are ads inside, but in general they are not usually too invasive, which does not affect the experience of using it.


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IFTT is an application that allows us to schedule tasks on our Android phone, besides being able to automate some. Therefore, we can use it so that the WiFi in the phone will turn off and on automatically at the desired time. We can make this happen depending on the location or location.

Therefore, when our Android phone detects the WiFi network we want to connect to, the connection on the phone is activated automatically, without having to do anything. When we leave that place, it will be detected that we are not already close to this network, so that it will be automatically deactivated as well. It allows us in this simple way to save battery in our phone.