Cicret Bracelet turns your skin into a touch screen

Cicret Bracelet turns your skin into a touch screen

The innovation in the field of wearables continues to give what to talk about.This time, the turn has come to Cicret Bracelet, a waterproof bracelet- with which the user can make the arm of the touch screen of his mobile device through a projection on your skin.

According to the data collected from the website of this new gadget -in which the motto lies Make your skin your new tablet with Cicret Bracelet- it was known that with this terminal the user not only has the possibility to answer their calls, but that also read your email, play and run your favorite applications, among other tasks.

It should be noted that Cicret Bracelet an is not available. Its developers are receiving donations by PayPal from the bracelet's own portal, for whose completion of the first prototype 700,000 euros are needed and for the development of its app 300,000 euros.

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