On the Beach, an Interactive Story for iPad

On the Beach, an Interactive Story for iPad

The iPad app is now available on the App Store Books for Kids: On the Beach, a interactive book designed exclusively forchildren learn to read.

On the beach It is a fantastic interactive story for iPad through which children can learn to read in an original, interesting and entertaining way. A story written and spoken in rhymes, with illustrations in motion for children to have fun reading.

Characteristics of the application:

  • The book has been built by writers, designers, educators and engineers.
  • In each page you can listen to each paragraph as many times as you want and listen to each word just by touching it.
  • At the end of the story, a set of games and activities that promote the development of reading comprehension are included.
  • It also includes the English version.

Demonstrative video of Books for Kids: On the Beach for iPad and iPad 2:

Wow Learning to read has never been so entertaining! And how well they will have the smallest of the house … That is priceless!

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