Five relaxing Android games that help you disconnect

Five relaxing Android games that help you disconnect

In recent times we live in a maelstrom that engulfs us day by day. We don't have time for give us a break and take some perspective. That is why we have thought that you might like a few games that offer a relaxing experience in your little free time.

A few examples of that With little you can make a lot. No shrill sounds, impossible levels or stressful scoring systems. Only you and your device; enjoying a few minutes with nothing to think about.

Relaxing games to disconnect

All this selection is based on offering a calm and relaxing gaming experience. Enjoying quite simple and affordable controls, something that will help us to disconnect from everything. Namaste


Simplicity matched, that's Loner's definition. A game in which we should not worry about scores, pay to level up or any other payment system. All we have to do is enjoy the atmosphere, in which we will discover the history of our unknown pilot.

Meditation Game

A name that gives rise to no doubt, Meditation Game. It's more than just a game, it's an experience with which we can relax and get the long-awaited meditation. It offers different sound and thematic bands, along with the addition that it is free. Oooom dear ealian @ s.

My Oasis – Relaxing Sanctuary

We are facing a game that lacks any element that can cause stress. The only thing the user has to do is enjoy how the oasis evolves and interact with everything that composes it. It is necessary to disconnect, thanks to this game you can, as Yoda would say.

Not to go

The most active proposal of this selection, we are facing a game in which we must take our character through various levels. It may not be the most relaxing experience if we compare it with the previous options. However, the visual beauty before us from our eyes it will help us to disconnect and concentrate on the game.

Splashy Dots

Paint, dots, puzzles and jazz in the background What more could you ask for? These are the wicker of a game that visually dazzle, which without realizing it involves us in a fun and relaxing gaming experience. Let the child inside us out, do your own thing, play a little with the paint and solve a few puzzles.