Fern Flower or Monument Valley made endless runner

Fern Flower or a kind of Monument Valley made endless runner

There are few games that mark a trend as clear in design as Monument Valley did. Warm colors, straight lines and a subtlety that we had seen in computer games, mostly indies, but not mobile phones. To this we can add a relaxing soundtrack that takes us into the game and allows us to concentrate more.

One of the latest proposals that we have seen that have been inspired by that game is Fern Flower, which transfers that aesthetic to a peculiar endless runner Vertical format

Visual and sound quality

Fern Flower or Monument Valley made endless runner

The first thing that attracts attention is aesthetics and music and is that as soon as we start the game we see, and we hear a waterfall and we are presented with a few options.

When we play we will jump across a surface that looks like a wall from the perspective used. It helps to see the sky in some holes but other details make us think that we are horizontal.

That dreamlike duality fits perfectly with the essence of the game that on the other hand is quite simple.

Long jumps and jumps

To move forward we must press on one side or another of the screen so that our character goes there taking a small jump. We can also briefly press the screen so that the jump is greater.

With these two options we are creating our path, collecting flowers and avoiding the holes through which we can fall and die.

The idea is to go as far as possible considering that we only have one life. Of course, if we die we can pay to continue at the same point or see an ad although we can only do it once. To help us we will have two enhancers, one that throws us up several meters and another that attracts towards us the elements that will then serve to obtain new flowers.

Free but with purchases and ads

Despite being a free game with purchases within the application and ads the structure and design are well achieved since the latter only appear when we want to continue after a death and do not overwhelm us on the screen.

The purchases will be of small flowers that will allow you to move faster and also unlock new characters although we can get those same flowers playing.

This is one of the candidates for best European indie game and that shows. It is worth a try.