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Delete Stories from Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp at the same time? Soon it will be possible

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The well-known developer Jane Manchun Wong, an expert social media engineer has announced that Instagram you will be testing a new option that will allow users to remove the content of their Stories both Instagram and Facebook Y WhatsApp.


Stories cross publishing has become a widely used option by
brands, which thus amplify their message on social networks.

However, deleting such content from each platform can be tedious, so options that encompass this procedure in a single action are more practical.

Manchun Wong, has discovered while analyzing the application code, which lines have already been included that will allow this action to be launched, so goat expect it to be working before the end of the year or early next.

According to the developer, the user will be offered the possibility to choose on Instagram between deleting the Stories only on that platform or on all those that have been published (‘Delete Everywhere’) that is on Facebook and WhatsApp.

more time

And although each platform has its rhythm, what seems obvious is the growing pace of Stories publication, in fact Facebook a few months ago reported that daily more than 1,250 million Stories were published among all their platforms.

Even its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg I had already mentioned that the Stories are on their way to surpassing the posts in the Feeds, as the most common form of publication among users of these applications, so it is not surprising that the new features focus on facilitating the use of this type of content, as expected in the coming weeks.