Galaxy Skin Fortnite

The Fortnite Galaxy skin will be available until March 7

Galaxy Skin Fortnite

The presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy Tab S4 was the starting shot of Fortnite on the Android platform, although not through the Play Store, but directly from the Epic Games website, since the latter Do not want to share 30% of all purchases that Google stays.

The starting shot of Fortnite on Android, came from the hand of an exclusive skin called Galaxy, a skin that we could only get if we bought the Galaxy Note 9 or the Galaxy Tab S4, although we could also get hold of it if We used to log into one of these devices and play three games.

If you have not yet done with this skin and it is still the object of desire on your part, you should know that you only have until next March 7 to be able to get hold of it, since from that date, if you buy a Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 already You will not be able to get it for free. We do not know if it will arrive at the Fortnite store or will no longer be available.

New free skin for Samsung users

Galaxy S10 Skin Fortnite

The date on which it will no longer be available coincides, coincidentally, with the date on which the Galaxy S10 will reach the market. Starting March 8, all users who buy a Galaxy S10 and install Fortnite can enjoy a new exclusive skin, although this time, It is not as spectacular as the first one they launched.

In order to get hold of it, we just have to enter the Fortnite store, where the skin will be shown at the price of 0 euros. This skin, called iKONIK has been designed by Jung Chan-woo of the Korean band iKon, hence it is not so striking, although You will probably have your niche in the country of Samsung.

Honor 10 also has its own Fortnite skin

Fortnite Honor View 20

Honor also has its own exclusive Fortnite skin for all users who buy the Honor View 20, a skin, which It also does not attract attention, since it really relies on other skins that have been previously available in the game.

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