Huawei present its glasses with AR and VR at IFA 2019

Huawei launch at the end of the year its first mobile without Android

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Huawei's operating system has been generating news for months. Despite the lifting of the blockade, the Chinese brand has continued to work on it at all times. Although recently it was revealed that this operating system, HongMeng OS, was not going to be used on smartphones as many thought. The plans of the Chinese brand go through using it on other devices, as they continue to bet on Android for their phones.

But it seems that the Chinese brand is still working on it and there really is an operating system for their phones, whose name is still a mystery. Although new information suggests that Huawei will leave us this year with a phone Let him use it.

Huawei would leave us in the last months of 2019 with its first phone without Android, which in principle seems to make use of HongMeng OS as an operating system. The brand would launch a phone in its mid-range or low range, since the price of the same would be about 250 euros to change, as has been known.

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In addition, new details have come about HongMeng OS. It seems that this operating system would work in a similar way to Fuchsia Google, which we have already talked about. It would have a microkernel in this case, which can be better adapted for artificial intelligence, among other tasks.

While it seems that Huawei has HongMeng intended for IoT devices. At least this said the CEO of the company a few weeks ago. But we will have to wait for this week, when the Chinese brand holds its developer conference, to know more in this regard. Since there are many doubts.

We will therefore be attentive to Huawei's plans in this regard. The Chinese brand has been working on its operating system for some time, although publicly they continue to say that their intention is to use Android. Something that could change in a few months with this first release.

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