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How to see notifications correctly on Xiaomi phones with MIUI 10 and 11


Remember that this problem only have Xiaomi phones with notch, the rest continue to receive notifications as always. But when we receive the mobile phone for the first time and configure it, we must pay special attention to the notifications section. For example, if we don’t activate it in the settings, app icons won’t reach the curtain. Do you want to correctly configure notifications in MIUI 10 and 11? Well don’t lose detail.

The first thing we are going to do is enter the notifications section of the settings. The variation between MIUI 10 and MIUI 11, in this case, is still level purely aesthetic So the tutorial can be useful for both, with minimal differences. Look for the ?Notifications? section or use the search box of the settings.

miui notifications 10 11

In this screen we will see, in a graphic way, the three ways that MIUI has to notify you: on the lock screen, floating applications and notification icon. If you click on each of the sections you can choose, one by one, what application you want me to notify you in which specific section. For example, you may want WhatsApp floating applications but not on the lock screen. It is worthwhile to take a look at these three sections so that you configure what you want to be displayed and what you don’t like. Thus, you also gain in productivity by not having so many distractions.

How to view notifications correctly on Xiaomi phones with MIUI 10 and 11 1

In the section ?Notification bar? (this for MIUI 11 users) we can activate notifications type Android or type MIUI. The basic difference is that the MIUI notifications will be better adapted to our layer, with the icon of each notification next to it instead of above and smaller.

If you have MIUI 10 debers, now, look for ?Status bar? in the search settings box. In MIUI 11 we have the configuration of the bar on the ?Notification bar? screen, within ?Do you need other adjustments??. Within this screen we must make sure to activate the switch ?Show notification icons?. If we do not turn on this switch, notifications will arrive but not the icons. In this screen we can also configure other elements such as the battery indicator or edit the name of our operator.

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