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Free games are the most popular on Google Play, besides being a majority in the store. Although studies have to monetize these games. To do this, we find various methods today. From shopping inside games to ads, there are several methods that developers can follow. One method we have seen for a while is to see ads to get some rewards.

More and more games on Google Play are betting on this method, as a way to earn income. Finally, this method that many developers already use It has official support from the app store for Android An important step in recognizing this function.

This new method arrives officially. Google launches it with the name of Rewarded Products. The idea of ​​it is that users who have downloaded a game on Google Play, will then have access to some rewards for viewing ads. The rewards we find in this regard can be varied. But at all times it is sought that they will be of interest to users, that encourage them to see these ads.

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In this way, instead of having to pay for something in the game, as it happens in many who have integrated purchases, this formula is bet. The user will have to see an ad instead, instead of making such a purchase. The duration of the ad may vary depending on the game, the amount of the purchase and other factors. But once the ad has been seen, the user could have said object that he wants to buy in the game without paying.

Google Play has commented that you can get rewards, as extra lives or points or coins in those games, among others. Of course it will depend on each of the games that give this possibility. But it is proposed as a different system, which anyway allows the developer to have income and be able to monetize the game, which is the objective of this function.

For now, This new feature of Rewarded Products has been introduced in the new beta from the Google Play Store development console. So it will take a while to reach all users on Android. At the moment, you will only be able to see video ads in this new feature. Although it is not ruled out that this will expand over time. With this function, the developers will choose the user an element in the game, extra lives or coins, as we have already told you.

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For developers who are going to upload their applications in the store, it is a function that has many advantages. Above all the ease with which it is possible to implement this function is interesting. Since you don't have to make too many changes in the app. In addition, its operation is simple. It has been confirmed that he works with Admob, which is Google’s advertising platform. This should allow easier use for all parts. In addition to facilitating its implementation in games.

For now it is not known what games will use the system. Surely soon we will have more news about some of them. The question is if now we are going to see many game updates, which are going to put this new system. While for users it may mean not having to pay money for purchases, too many ads can also tire. Especially if a lot of games in the store use this function. But to know this we will have to wait a little longer. Google Play itself provides more information about it, in this link. Here it is possible to know everything you need, both for users and developers. What do you think about this new function in the store?

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