FRAG Pro Shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter is a new quality multiplayer online shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter has entered the Google Play Store eager to be one of the games of this year 2019. It is mainly due to its multiplayer games in which we will take a team of heroes managed by the AI, while we are reincarnating in the one we want after being killed.

That is, we are facing a online multiplayer shooter in which you will face another player which also has a team of "bots". So we will have to know how to choose each “transfer” or reincarnation to eliminate all enemy bots and of course, improve our team of heroes to Clash Royale with their cards.

Frantic 1V1 games

Before starting the game you can select the members of your team in FRAG Pro Shooter. You have defensive, attack and center. Combining them properly can give you a great advantage in combat, since when you enter to fight against another player, you will have to know how to handle each one in order to get the victory.

Flying in FRAG

Once in combat, you will start driving one as in any shooter. The moment they end your life, you can opt for the transfer to choose any of those who are already fighting. That is, you can use them as you please and according to the needs of the game. For this we recommend that you take a look at the mini map where you can locate the members of your team to make the transfer.

DR Frost

And with that said, consider yourself learn to use each of the characters according to their style of game, since it will depend on that you win those hundreds of players that await you. Each of the characters you unlock have their own abilities. They are just 2 skills that you must also know and deploy in full combat. That said, it also has a strategic component every game.

Take the victory in FRAG Pro Shooter

The map It consists of 5 points to master. Two will be on each side of the map for each team and we have a central one. Apart from earning points by eliminating the members of the opposing team, we can also do it by conquering those 5 points. And it is that the game is defined by defending our points, apart from that we have to get a greater amount so, when the game time ends, we can be victorious.

Fighting in Frag PRO

FRAG Pro Shooter raises its game mechanics like the typical third person shooter, which means a lot of action so that in a matter of seconds we will be immersed in a really brilliant gaming experience. Now we have to know that being before the government of a whole team of bots, the victory also depends on how we can handle them all and ask for help in those moments when we have to attack or defend our base.

Rocket launcher in FRAG

Luckily, in FRAG Pro Shooter the artificial intelligence of our is bots is sufficiently cured so that they can attack, defend and handle themselves. Although to tell the truth, we hope that some characters are balancing, since some are really powerful and it is easy to win the enemy. We are practically facing a basic Clash Royale in which we have to unlock chests to get the most rare heroes.

An online multiplayer shooter that promises a lot

Yes Oh BiBi is able to balance those characters and get players who play for free do not have the feeling that a player without much skill is able to beat him by having the best characters obtained with his credit / debit card, surely it will become one of the fashion games. As he is not able to reach that goal, little by little it will stop being played so that among the “whales” (those who spend hundreds of euros in games like this) in the end they face each other and there are no longer many players with the What to vitiate.

Victoria FRAG Pro

FRAG Pro Shooter is a game that technically it is very well worked and from minute one It takes you to your great gaming experience. The fact of bringing a whole team of hero bots and being able to incarnate in each one poses a very original gameplay; although we have similar incorporations of weeks of great manufacture. The graphics are at the height, the animations of the characters the same and the sound with its effects are at the height. Great gaming experience