Facebook Messenger shortcut

The 8 best tricks to take advantage of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is currently an essential application For many users on Android. It has become one of the most used messaging applications in the world. In addition, with the passage of time have been introduced many changes in it. New functions have arrived that have helped her grow.

Many users have Facebook Messenger on Android. Although it is possible that you will not get as much out of this application as you could. Therefore, Below are some tricks for it. This way, you can make better use of this popular Android application.

Create shortcuts to conversations

Facebook Messenger shortcut

Most likely, there are certain people on Facebook Messenger with whom you speak most frequently. Therefore, having a direct access to this conversation can be something of great utility, which saves time when talking with that person. The application gives the possibility of having an access, which is entered on the Android home screen. In this way, this conversation is accessed earlier.

In order to create such a shortcut, you have to enter the conversation with that person. In the upper right of the conversation you can see an information button. By clicking on it, you enter a section of settings. Next, click on the icon of the three vertical dots. When this is done, a context menu with several options comes out. One of them is to create the shortcut. Access will be created on the Android home screen. Although the user can move it in case he wants to.

Data saving

Facebook Messenger data saving

Saving on data consumption is something that worries many users on Android. Facebook Messenger is one of those applications that consume a remarkable amount of mobile data. Therefore, a little extra help is never too much. In this case, it is a data saving mode, which comes in the application itself natively. It will allow you to consume less while using the app on Android.

To do this, you must enter the Facebook Messenger settings. There is already a section called data saving. To access the settings, in the new interface of the app, you have to click on the profile picture shown at the top from the screen. This allows access to the settings, where the data saving section is located.

It is accessed and there this data saving can be activated in the application It can be a good help, because such applications consume many resources on the phone. Therefore, at times when mobile data has to be used, something can help reduce this consumption.

Activate and have secret conversations

Facebook Messenger secret chats

In the purest Telegram style, Facebook Messenger allows users to have secret conversations. These are private chats, with greater security. Therefore, they can be a good option in case you have to share personal information to a person in a message. The way to open a chat of this type is simple.

It is achieved from the settings, by clicking on the profile picture in the application. The sections that are within the settings are shown below. One of the sections shown on the screen is called «Secret Conversations». This is the section in which can activate the possibility of having these secret conversations.

Once the option has been activated, if you want to have a secret conversation on Facebook Messenger, you have to look for the person with whom you have said chat. When a normal conversation window opens, you have to click on the profile picture of the other person. Then, a series of options appear on the screen, among which we find the possibility of starting a private conversation.

Click on that option. In this way, a private conversation begins in the Android app.

Change the color of conversations

Facebook Messenger allows users color the messages that are sent in conversations. So you can configure the color to use for each one. It can be a good way to identify a conversation at a given time, depending on the color. In addition to allowing the user to customize a little more the use he makes of the app on Android.