How to export all iOS contacts to Windows 10

How to export all iOS contacts to Windows 10

You may have a smartphone with an operating system iOS, but when using a computer the option that best suits your needs is Windows 10, not Apple's own. If you want the contacts that you have in the first are in the second, it is possible to export in a completely safe way. We show how to get it.

The truth is that there is no particularly intuitive way to achieve this we are going, that it is not possible to use a direct access or concrete application so that everything runs automatically. Therefore, you have to have some more patience and perform some steps to get contacts from one platform to another without losing any. The case is that it is possible to achieve it and, therefore, this should not be a limitation when selecting the operating system that suits you best.

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First steps to bring contacts to Windows 10

The goal is to have all the information in Contacts, which is the application that exists in the Microsoft operating system for this purpose. To achieve this, the first thing you should do is to sound the ones you have on iOS at the service iCloud (if you have not done it already). Once this is done, open the Apple tool in the browser and, once there, enter Contacts.

Convert iOS contacts

The next thing you should do is click on the gear icon in the lower left and, in the menu that appears, select Select all. Then use the export option to have them sent to a file VCF and you already have them available to work with them to take them to Windows 10 but first you have to convert this to CSV format (for which you can use a free option for a browser like AC Convert).

Bring contacts to the Microsoft operating system

The first step is to take everyone to Outlook, something that can be achieved with the online service of this powerful and complete email client of the Redmond company. Access your email account and, in it, use the section Contacts. In the upper right there is an option called Manage and in it, you must choose Import contacts choosing the CSV file that has been converted. Now, you must have some patience since the time it takes depends on the number of tickets you have.

Import contacts in Outlook

Now open the application Mail in Windows 10 and, if you have not registered the Outlook account used in this development you must do this (in the section Manage accounts). Once this is done and in the same section, you should check the synchronization settings and which Contacts is activated. Now, the import will be done automatically and, therefore, you already have everything set correctly. Done this, you will have finished.