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Face the iPhone 11 Pro on video with a Canon 1DX Mark II, which photos do you prefer?

iphone 11 pro

The iPhone 11 Pro camera has been subjected to all kinds of tests, and now they have compared their photographs with those of a Canon DSLR camera.

This camera in question is the Canon 1DX Mark II, and has been used by YouTuber Matti Haapoja to discover if the photos of the iPhone 11 Pro they are really so good …

In the video, Matti shows a total of five comparative images, but does not indicate what photos are taken with the iPhone and what photos are captured with the DSLR camera. At the end of the video, he reveals it. Can you tell which photos have been taken with the iPhone 11 Pro?

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Comparison iPhone 11 Pro vs Canon 1DX Mark II

In the video we can also see a series of images that show us the full potential of the camera of the new Apple iPhone 11 Pro models. As they very well point out from 9to5mac, the best way to discover what photos are made with an iPhone is by observing the bokeh effect of the background. In some images, the photos of the iPhone 11 Pro have a more exaggerated bokeh effect.

Despite the huge hardware difference between an Rflex camera and an iPhone, the truth is that in the comparison the difference is not so big. Of course, the photographs of the Canon DSLR camera have superior quality.

As Matti Haapoja detailed his video:

"Through software, now even with a small sensor like the one inside the iPhone 11 Pro, you can compete with something like a 1DX II (Canon) that has a gigantic sensor."

Have you managed to decipher what photos were taken with an iPhone 11 Pro in the video? Let us know your opinion from the comments section.