Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley now available on Android to create your farm soada

Stardew Valley has reached Android today and we have not taken in acquiring it to have one of the farm games that has made more impact throughout the planet in recent years. A game with a spectacular deal in pixel art and that will give you all the freedom in the world to create your dream farm.

Unlike other games, we are facing a premium one in which you can forget about micropayments for nothing more than enjoying without limitations. A game in which we can fish, raise animals, customize our farm, start a family, be part of a community and explore caves among many other things that we will now go on to detail. A great arrival for Android.

The farm of your dreams

Stardew Valley came to iOS a few months ago and we were looking forward to its landing on Android. He is finally here and he does it in the best way being a complete port of your PC version; from which he began to reap the great success he has had in these years.

Stardew Valley playing

We are facing a game in which we will create the farm that our grandfather left us in inheritance and with which we can begin our journey as a farmer. Not only will we be dedicated to collecting, planting or raising a wide variety of animals, but we can also create artisanal objects as well as other artifacts with which to improve the production of our farm.


Stardew Valley is an almost infinite game in which our creativity and our desire will be the axis to build the farm of our dreams. Not only does it stay in this aspect, but you can also raise a family with 12 possible candidates to get married, and even be part of the community with seasonal festivals and villagers missions.

Explore caves and fight monsters of all kinds

A game that does not lack anything and in which we can even explore to discover treasures and face all kinds of monsters. It will be in those caves where we can collect those precious metals to continue building all kinds of machines and objects.

Stardew Valley houses

As in Hay Day, you can cook food, plant crops and create those handmade products to get a name in the region. What we do miss is that the multiplayer is not present and that it is in its PC version. Well, it will be a matter of having a little patience, since before the great success that you will have on Android, surely it is not a matter of a long time when we can play with our friends.


You should also improve your skills so that you can pick up faster and produce more. We can improve agriculture, mining, gathering, fishing and combat Like you can sell all the items you collect and create from the manufacturing panel.


Chucklefish Limited, the studio in charge of its publication, has launched the game already located in Spanish, so do not worry about this, since you will enjoy it to the fullest from the first moment. It is also adapted for touch screens, so you can enjoy quickly, although for those who come from PC it will take a while to fight when changing a bit for the interaction of the screen.

A whole premium game sir

They have also cured it so you can play with a command if you feel like it. So we are facing a round game that will fight against that horde of freemium games that have eaten mobile games. Make your way, like many other premiums, so you know that each euro of 8.99 It is fully amortized. One of those titles that fall in love and that get the hours to fly like the days. As we have said, you will play, play and play.