How to use Google Assistant as a translator on Android

How to use Google Assistant as a translator on Android

Google Assistant It has hundreds of options, many of them really useful, and also many of them unknown to many users. And one of them, as we advanced, is that oftranslator. The Mountain View company has a powerful technology in this regard, and they have integrated part of it into the Google Assistant virtual assistant. And one of the advantages is that, as we said before, we can squeeze it using only voice commands, without having to write anything on the screen, although we can also do it this way by deploying the virtual writing keyboard.

How do you say … in another language? Google Assistant helps you

If you have correctly configuredGoogle Assistant, you don't even need to unlock the mobile. Simply combine the voice commandOk Google with the translation specific, so you ask Google Assistant something like, for example:‘Ok, Google, how do you say you're very pretty in English?’.And with this, automatically, the assistant will return the answer both in writing and read aloud, of the phrase you have asked and in the language you have chosen. However, this is not the only way to take advantage of the translator, and there are other commands that we should know.

We can ask things like‘Ok, Google, translate Hello good morning into Spanish’ and similarly, the virtual assistant returns the exact answer in writing and out loud. These two examples, of course, can be used with any other phrase and with almost any other language. And the advantage of the first command is that, when read aloud, we can see the detail of the pronunciation in the chosen language.

To take advantage of theGoogle Assistant translator In writing we will do exactly the same. We will open Google Assistant on our mobile device and, typing with the virtual keyboard, we will put any of the previously detailed commands but without the need to include the‘Ok, Google’, since this is the activation command of the virtual assistant.