Free horror games on Epic Games: download SOMA

Free horror games on Epic Games: download SOMA

Halloween it's already here The Night of the Dead has arrived, and maybe you have planned a gamer weekend to celebrate these dates. Well, then do not miss the opportunity offered by Epic Games. More than anything because you will be able to download two piece of Horror games for PC for free. Two high quality titles that will make you stir your seat while playing.

We talk about the games SOMA and Costume Quest. In the case of Costume Quest, we are facing a fun role-playing game in which we must choose a hero and go find candy in a really fun game. But, if you are looking for horror games, SOMA will leave you in a very bad body. Yes, Epic Games gives you this title created by Frictional Games. Do you know Amnesia: the Dark Descent? It is one of the most brutal fear titles. And SOMA follows in its footsteps.

In this case, enjoy a disturbing story about identity, conscience and what it means to be human. Not suitable for hearts that are not resistant to scares. Although, considering that it is one of the best horror games for PC, and now you can get it for free on Epic Games, You don't have to miss the opportunity.

As you can have these horror games for Halloween for free

Before continuing, it should be remembered that Steam has launched offers for Halloween, so you will be able to get horror games of great quality with very interesting discounts. But, returning to Epic Games, we will see how to get hold of SOMA and Costume Quest without paying a single euro. The good? You only need to make an account in the service. Even if you have already played Fornite, you will have an associated account.

SOMA scene

Isn't it? Quiet, that the only thing you have to do is enter the website of this link and make a new account. You can fill in all personal data, or simply associate your Gmail, Facebook, Xbox, Playstation Network or Nintendo Switch account, to avoid the process and register in a faster and easier way.

Once you have registered, you should go to the search engine and type SOMA, to download this title. Vers that once you access your page you will get that you can get it for free. The same thing happens with Costume Quest, making it simpler impossible. That's right, you have to keep in mind that these horror games for PC they will be available only until next November 7. So, taking into account that once you add them to your library, you will have them available forever, you better not miss the opportunity to enjoy two tall titles when you feel like it.

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