unveiled the rival iPad Pro design

unveiled the rival iPad Pro design

It is very clear that Huawei intends to compete at the highest level in the different markets in which it is present. In the high-end tablets its presence has not been the best possible to date, but this is something that will change in a short time with the arrival of Huawei MatePad Pro that compete with the best that exists such as the iPad Pro. We show what has been known about this device.

One of the most important leaks that have just been published is the final design that will have this tablet of the Asian company, which have some elements that will make it the best in the market. An example is that bevels of the screen will really be small, so that its appearance is very attractive (something to help the finish be metallic). In addition, this device has a connector magician on one of its sides allowing to contact a keyboard complete that, obviously, allow greater productivity, we go to the purest Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 style.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, as is the great rival of the iPad Pro

Additionally, and as you can see in the image that we leave below, there are two details that are interesting. The first is that on the screen, that everything indicates that it can be ten inches, a camera placed in a hole in the panel itself (right in the upper left corner if the tablet is placed in landscape), so in principle do not disturb. In addition, this model is the first to offer this possibility. The second detail is that the Huawei MatePad Pro have a stylus as an accessory, which increases the simplicity of use and, this, can be placed on one side when not used also using a magnetic element.

Huawei MatePad Pro tablet design

Some hardware items that include the Huawei MatePad Pro

Some of the options offered by this device are a fingerprint reader integrated into the screen to improve their access, something that is for some but not so much for others. In addition, the rear camera has two sensors (its resolution is unknown) and, as it could not be otherwise for a current tablet, the charging port will be USB type C, allowing you to connect a hub to increase your usage options. To compete from t to t with the iPad Pro the hardware of this device have good hardware, such as a processor Kirin 990; 8 GB of RAM; and, as far as storage is concerned, this being 256 gigas. Come on, you will not miss anything so you can with all kinds of applications.

Huawei MatePad Pro tablet usage options

It seems certain that at least the Huawei MatePad Pro will go on sale in colors black and white, and at the moment the price that this model will have when it goes on sale is unknown (but betting on something more than 500 euros seems logical). If you respond in autonomous and in the functions of the operating system, this device can be a tough rival In the high-end of today's tablets, a place in the Asian company does not have a particularly relevant presence right now.