The iPhone 5 Bring a New WiFi Chip for File Sharing

The iPhone 5 Bring a New WiFi Chip for File Sharing

9to5Mac reports that has discovered a new Broadcom chip within one of the iPhone 5 prototypes you have had access to. Specifically, it is the BCM4334 unit, a dual band chip that supports WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0 + HS and an integrated FM radio.

It is manufactured in 40 nanometers, compared to 65 nanometers of the chip currently mounted on the iPhone 4S and the new iPad. This will reverse considerable battery savings when the wireless connections are being used. There is talk of a saving around 40% of consumption when using WiFi or Bluetooth.

One of the most curious things is that this new dual band WiFi chip will allow you to use a hypothetical file passing systemWireless between an iOS device and certain Mac models.

In this way, one of the bands will be used to maintain the Internet connection, while the other It is completely dedicated to the transfer of files. It is the well known AirDrop of OSX Lion.

Will we see this new file transfer feature in iOS 6? The truth is that it is something that many people have been claiming Apple for years: an app that allow more control over what we have on the iPad and that facilitates its passage to the computer.

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