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PUBG Mobile celebrates its first anniversary with update and season 6

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile these days is celebrating to celebrate one year. To do it in the best way he does it with a new season and what is a new update that we could already try in the beta.

Who would say that only one year has passed for 2018 to be the year of PUBG Mobile and those millions of players who have been vitiating non-stop. A game that has more than 100 million downloads and has mobile fashion stand what battle royale are; Remember that Fortnite arrived a few months later.

PUBG Mobile's first anniversary

In a matter of a year he has been able to become a mass phenomenon when planning a battle royale in which we face dozens of players and with the big difference that it is scary in those mobiles that can throw with it. Also, for the part that touches the drums, it plays a great role by not making the excessive consumption that is seen in other 3D mobile games.

Fortnite first anniversary

Praise also the continuous updates that have brought several maps, new weapons, new game modes, vehicles and great content which has managed to encourage hundreds of thousands to continue playing for months. As we have said, PUBG Mobile has become a mass phenomenon like Fortnite, although rather its version for PCs and consoles.

PUBG Mobile has wanted to celebrate this anniversary with several actions such as the ability to light fireworks and collect boxes during games. These boxes will allow us to receive rewards if we accumulate the prizes; something that any player has become accustomed from the first minute of play in PUBG.

New season 6 and update

Whenever there is a new season, an update with news arrives at PUBG Mobile. With regard to season 6, we can count on the new Royale Pass Season It brings more rewards and points. It must be said that this time comes more "Fortnite" than ever with skins that seem to attract the public more accustomed to the neon lights of the aforementioned game of Epic Games.


You already know that a new season means a lot of new missions that you can complete even without going to checkout to acquire the Royale Pass. If you do, you have the option of Elite Pass Plus, a little more expensive, to increase 25 ranks and receive extra rewards with which to animate our games.

About update 0.11.5, we can talk about a new dynamic climate for the Erangel and Miramar maps, the G36C rifle that we can only see in Vikendi (the new snow map launched at Christmas) and what is a new three-wheeled vehicle that has been named as Tukshai. You have all the news mentioned in the article on the beta of this new version.

The new monthly PUBG plans


Each season Tencent Games almost forces us to checkout for acquire the new royale pass to be able to have more missions and access new content with which to dress our hero or change that skin of our favorite weapon. The truth that the previous season left a little bad taste because that content linked to the royale pass was not the most "cool".

And it seems that Tencent Games is going to fix it with two new monthly subscriptions which can be acquired from the beginning of April. There are two subscriptions: PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Puls. We do not know its cost, but it will give free UC every day, points for Royale Pass and an 80% discount on boxes. We are waiting for Tencent to reveal all the data of these two subscription plans.

First anniversary of a PUBG Mobile which currently breaks it in mobile games and that we will see for many years in a great state of form; unless games like Call of Duty Mobile move it aside.