ZTE applies for the V12 and Vita V13 Blade V12 ┬╗ERdC brands

ZTE applies for the V12 and Vita V13 Blade V12 ┬╗ERdC brands

ZTE applies for the V12 Vita and Vita V13 Blade brands

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It was launched 8 months ago the ZTE Blade V10 Vita. Having its arrival in February, the Smartphone was presented as a low-end device; which uses a Unisoc processor. According to the scheduled schedule made public by the company ZTE, his successor must be arriving in February 2020; specifically, this should be made public in the MWC next year. However, there is a possibility that the successor of Blade V10 does not have the name Blade V11 Vita.

Upcoming registered Blade Series Smartphone

Recently, ZTE applied for a series of trademarks in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). As shown by the database, there is no device registered by ZTE that bears the name of Blade V11 Vita. On the other hand, the record of the Blade V12 Vita, Blade V13 Vita, and so on until Blade V18 Vita. Another of the missing names in this successive record of names is that of Blade V17 Vita. It seems ZTE has in its programming to give this series a long time with several devices in the future.

It is not surprising that Smartphone manufacturers omit some numbers in the consecutive logical order of the name of their phones in certain series. Therefore, it is not an issue that you really have to worry about. Examples of this are OnePlus leaving out the name of OnePlus 4; and Samsung forgetting the name of Galaxy Note 6. Well, it seems, it is very likely that the successor of the ZTE Blade V10, is the ZTE Blade V12.

Unless the company has any surprises, the ZTE Blade V12 should be arriving as the closest device in the series. The specifications of this device are totally unknown; and they are likely to remain this way until the beginning of next year. However, it is very likely that we are still facing an entry-level Smartphone.


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