Your old iPhone, It has no dark mode.

Your old iPhone, It has no dark mode.

On Monday, Apple finally released iOS 13.

The new operating system

The mobile brings a true variety of new features, the most striking of which could be a dark mode for the entire system for your iPhone.

You can enable dark mode on your iPhone, making everything more visually pleasing in low light situations. If you have an iPhone, you can definitely use the dark mode when it is released later this year, true?


He buried a juicy little nugget in the small print of his iOS 13 press release on Monday: it will only work on the iPhone 6S and beyond. For the first time, the iPhone 6 has been left out of the fold.

That means

That if you still use the 2014 edition of the iPhone, unfortunately it is time to update. At least, that's what Apple thinks.

Apple has not sold the iPhone 6 for quite some time. Still, last year's iOS 12 update was compatible with the phone.

Now, the unfortunate inevitability of progress has made iPhone 6 obsolete. That, or programmed obsolescence. Either way, the death of iPhone 6 software foreshadows a much scarier future for iPhone owners: one without the 6S.

IPhone 6S

It is still compatible for now, but one has to assume that it hangs on a thread at this point. They will be almost five years old when Apple presents the next version of iOS in 2020.

Both the iPhone and the SE were officially discontinued last year, and those were the last two iPhones with headphone jacks.

6S and SE

They still have software compatibility, but for how long? Maybe one year, probably not much else.

Once Apple disconnects the new versions of iOS for those phones, you will be forced to use a phone without a headphone jack if you want the newest software features.

At that time, you will have to use the new iPod Touch to listen to music.