Xiaomi launches a heated pillow with speakers and massage mode

Xiaomi launches a heated pillow with speakers and massage mode

Every time we are used to the Asian manufacturer surprise us with all kinds of gadgets. And this time, Xiaomi has done it again. More than anything because they just presented a heated pillow that hides some really interesting surprises inside.

Yes, we can consider that it is the first smart pillow, since we can control certain parameters of the same through the application My Xiaomi Home. As always, the manufacturer has opted for its collective financing platform to launch this curious product that will help you rest like never before.

Xiaomi smart pillow

The new Xiaomi pillow has it all: temperature control, speakers

To say that there are two models, one for men that measures 60 x 34 x 7 cm, in addition to a weight of 12 kilograms, in addition to a smaller pillow for women with 60 x 34 x 5 cm and weighing 1 kilograms. For the rest, both models are the same, with the same characteristics.

To start, this new Xiaomi smart pillow It integrates a thermal pad that we can configure with 6 different temperatures, from 38 to 53 degrees, ideal for those cold nights that approach a neck pain. To do this, it has a butterfly partition that, through a cncava region, we will place the neck so that the three pulse emitters increase the blood flow, in addition to relieving stress.

These pulse emitters emit a low frequency of 1,000 Hz, which are harmless to us, but allow us to give two types of massage, acupuncture and kneading, so that we are more relaxed than ever.

Sleep like never with soothing sound

On the other hand, this new Xiaomi smart pillow has two hidden stereo speakers, which are responsible for transmitting relaxing music to the auditory nerve. In addition, it also has an intelligent sleep monitoring system, so that we control through the application how our rest has been.

Xiaomi Mi Home application

Also, in the same Xiaomi app My home We can see different tutorials that will help us sleep better, in addition to an automatic shutdown system that we can configure to our liking. How do you connect to our phone? Obviously, through Bluetooth that incorporates this new gadget of the Asian giant. That said, nothing is missing.

The best? That the price of this new gadget is cleverly tempting. Ms, if you consider that cost only 299 yuan, about 38 euros to change, a scandal figure taking into account the capabilities of this interesting product. Unfortunately, and as usual with all Xiaomi products, this heated heated pillow will not leave China. But we must look for distributors who bring it to Spain, because it is one of the most interesting and useful products we have seen lately.

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