Why AirPods Pro are the best Apple product of the moment

Why AirPods Pro are the best Apple product of the moment

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This article will contain some confessions, and the first is that I love Apple, not from a fantastic point of view (or as it is said now, of fanboy); I like Apple because it solves a complex equation for the user: to make any dilemma insultingly easy. I love the brand because I know that your product will be simple to use and, above all, that it will simply work. That said, there is a second confession: I had some shame when I bought the original AirPods and wore them when no one sees me.

Now all this sounds like a laugh, but it should be remembered that the popular Apple headphones completely break any design and give one an appearance, at least, extravagant. At its launch, the AirPods were a mystery: if they turned out to be a success, they would serve as the identity mark of the house, such as the iPhone or even the EarPods, but if the thing did not work you would have been walking with some very alternative devices in Your ears for a long time. However, the crush was instantaneous. Being sure of the first ones to carry some AirPods in my city, I recognize that it is the Apple product that has changed my life the most.

AirPods Pro, improving the sublime

Why were the original AirPods so revolutionary? Because they achieved something in me that no product had done in such a clear way: change habits. I've always had headphones, but I only used them on trips; its cables that were always knotted and an uncomfortable format to carry, ended up marginalizing this product. But the AirPods solved this first big dilemma: I always had them on top and they were so great that while I didn't use them they were loaded. Wasn't that a great solution?

As soon as the second iteration of the product, the AirPods Pro, did not even doubt it and bought it, and the wireless charge – for those who think that it does not contribute anything in this product – simplified things to the maximum. But with the second version still cool in my ears, Apple goes and comes with a model that had the only benefit that I really missed in this product: the cancellation of noise. In my train trips I was forced to use a Beats of headband, something always uncomfortable and heavy to wear, but that is over with the AirPods Pro.

They do not replace the previous model: they complement it

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That's right, Tim Cook managed to disrupt my plans since the previous AirPods have them almost unused should I sell them to jump to the new ones? According to Apple's plans, no, and attentive because this movement is interesting. The CEO of the company runs to explain that the AirPods Pro does not come to replace the previous model, but to complement it How?

I suspect that, especially at the beginning, there will be people who already have AirPods and just want another pair when they need noise cancellation, Cook explained in the presentation of the end of the quarter. That is, two pairs of headphones instead of one. Isn't that great? It is the bankruptcy of the user but the ideal situation for the brand, and attentive because this formula can work and for an obvious reason: AirPods have a limited life.

Those who are users of these headphones since the first version, know that your battery arrives at a time that dies and there is no choice but to acquire new ones, because the difference between the replacement of the battery and the purchase of new headphones does not count . And to be fooled, I see myself as a user more than those predicted by Tim Cook and a model will take over from another while they coexist.

NC, more compact size and water resistance

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As if all this were not enough, the design of the AirPods Pro is still more compact than the previous model and when doing sports, they finally have an IP certification that confirms them as water resistant (although the ones we used for sport, off-the-record we know both models endured sweat well).

However, and although I still have not been able to prove them, there are a couple of details that, from a distance, I contemplate by means of hardware to deactivate the cancellation of noise. Why don't you convince me? Because they are not very apple. I was fascinated by the idea that Apple was capable of manufacturing a single model of headphones, without adapters or physical buttons, that would serve all users (or at least, the vast majority). But well thought, that this is all the bad thing that I find in this product.

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