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WhatsApp Web introduce voice calls this year


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<p><strong>WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application on Android</strong>. The app is kept updated frequently, with many new features. In addition, it works on many new functions for it, such as animated stickers or your own browser. With the passage of time, some of these developments are also launched in the web version of the app.</p><div class=

Now, the launch of a function of great importance for WhatsApp Web is announced. Since the desktop version of the messaging app will integrate voice calls shortly. Too many details have not been revealed for now, but it is something that is already being worked on.

For now we don't know very well the way in which these voice calls are going to be introduced in the application Since WhatsApp Web works because it syncs to the account on the phone. That is why there are doubts about the way in which these voice calls will work in this web version of the application.

This function is currently under development in the web version. No dates have been given yet for the introduction of the function. So it's a matter of waiting a while, because it will surely take a few months to be official. But it will be an important function.

Since WhatsApp recently commented that They wanted to improve this web version of the application. Now, one of the most important functions we have in the Android application is introduced. A positive news, which could help to use this version more. While there are doubts about the operation of it.

We can expect these voice calls to arrive at WhatsApp Web, although we don't know anything about video calls. This may happen in a later update in the app. In any case, we will be attentive to news about the arrival of this function. What do you think of this feature?

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