WhatsApp can be used for two-step verification

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Verification in two steps It is a good way to protect an account, as it significantly reduces the chances of someone entering without permission. Currently many platforms have this system, such as Facebook, Instagram or applications such as WhatsApp. In the case of the messaging application, a new method is now introduced in this regard.

Facebook is leaving us with many changes in its applications. Something that follows in this case with this new method of verification in two steps in WhatsApp. Thanks to this, You can use the app itself as a verification method, instead of sending the typical SMS messages to it.

Facebook Account Kit is a set of authentication tools on Android and iOS. WhatsApp support is now introduced. In this way, using these tools, apps that have this verification in two steps can make use of the messaging app to send these codes to the phone. A good way not to depend on a SIM card at that time.

WhatsApp code verification

In addition, for many users it is more convenient to use WhatsApp on the phone than SMS. So it is presented as a much more accessible option at all times. Also cheaper for companies, which do not have to send a code via SMS in this way.

Facebook has already activated this verification service through the messaging app. Therefore it is now developers turn to enable this option in its services and applications. But from now it is possible to use it at all times. Although there may be many who have doubts about privacy, seeing the reputation of the company.

So in this sense it is presented as a somewhat complex choice. We will see first if there are developers who bet on supporting this system, using WhatsApp as the method to send the necessary codes for two-step verification. What do you think about this function?

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