What happens to your mobile? Find out with this excellent application

What's wrong with your mobile? Discover it with this excellent application

A smartphone is not a simple device since the enormous complexity of its components is designed to offer a complete and satisfying experience. Hence, if we enter to analyze the hardware of a phone, we will surely get lost. Storage, RAM, processor, sensors, cameras… How to know in detail all this data?

There are many Android apps that offer all the internal information of any Android, there are also those that are responsible for monitoring the internal components to discover if they work correctly. CPU-Z may be one of the best known applications to know all the information of a phone, but we want to recommend you Castro, an excellent alternative.

Castro is not a new application, but it is worth paying attention if you are also obsessed with knowing the details of how your smartphone works. And is that Castro it offers you everything you need, even more; including checking the status of the sensors so you know if there is something wrong with your Android.

Castro is an analysis application that also checks the mobile status

What happens to your mobile? Find out with this excellent application

The first thing we should mention is that this application offers much more data than you probably need, so it is possible to get lost among so much information. Not bad, far from it: from the operation of each core separately to the versions of the included audio and video codecs. All subdivided by categories so you can more easily locate the data you want.

The interface is simple and very minimalist; With orange as the default color (it is customizable). Castro has real-time analysis which shows not only the status of each core, also the operation as a whole or the capacity of occupied RAM, for example. This data sand update in real time, although without graphs to check them visually. Yes, the sensor section has graphics.

What happens to your mobile? Find out with this excellent application

The analysis tools are vital to check the correct functioning. You can see if the accelerometers correctly detect movements, if the light sensor responds to lighting changes (Castro throws the specific lux whenever the system offers such information), you can discover each and every one of the camera settings … You will even know if the mobile is rooted or has a custom kernel.

Free, without any advertising and with more options for a fee

What happens to your mobile? Find out with this excellent application

Castro It is a free application in its entirety, so you do not need to pay a cent. In addition, it lacks ads and only asks for permissions to access the phone's hardware (ask tricky permissions since its mission is to offer all internal data; it's a safe app) What do you want to collaborate with the developer? You have Castro Premium currently on sale: more options and with real time control widgets.