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What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

Our electronic devices use two types of memories to function, RAM and ROM. Both are necessary for our smartphone, our computer and even our smart TV to work properly.

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What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

The main difference between RAM and ROM is that RAM stores information temporarily and ROM permanently. This means that you need electrical power for the RAM to work, because the data stored in it is deleted as soon as you turn off the computer, while the ROM keeps them even without power. They also have different capacities, as modern computers use between 2 and 16 Gigabytes of RAM, while a ROM can only store about 4 Megabytes. In addition, each one has a different function in our devices.

What is RAM and what is it for?

RAM memory (Random Acces Memory or Spanish, random access memory) is a hardware component of our computers, smartphones and other devices. Its main function is to store information temporarily so that the processor can access it while the device is in use. It is a volatile memory, which basically means that it needs electrical current to function.

On a computer you can recognize them because they are installed in some slots of the motherboard. Computers usually have more than one slot, so you can install several RAM modules. They are usually sold in pairs and look as follows:

RAM memory differences with ROM

A good option if your computer is slow is to buy a couple of RAM modules and replace them with the old ones. It's really easy to replace them.

What is ROM and what is it for?

The ROM (Read Only Memory) stores the information needed to start the computer. This information is permanently stored in memory, and is not deleted as soon as you turn off the PC. It is a non-volatile memory, which means that it works without electric current. If you have not seen it here we leave you an image.

Difference RAM memory ROM memory

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