iPhone 11 vs iPhone xr

What iPhone turns on before? Curiously it is not the iPhone 11

iPhone 11 vs iPhone xr

Test we have seen many, some that we do not want to see between the iPhone and the latest Android models and others that compare speed between different versions of iOS, which shows that Apple does not slow down its devices with the passage of updates.

In this case we bring you a test that measures the time it takes several Apple iPhone to turn on. Specifically we have 7 iPhone models, all of which Apple has launched with Face ID. That is to say that the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Do you think you know how to win? I doubt it.

What iPhone turns on before?

In this test the speed of the operating system is not going to be measured or what a series of applications opens before, in theory the devices with the most powerful processor should win. Here What is intended to be measured is the system startup speed.

For this the 7 iPhone have been rsigned to the latest official version of iOS, ie eu all have iOS 13.1.3 installed. In addition, only essential data has been configured, so they have not logged in to iCloud, or enabled Siri, Face ID or location systems.

As you can see, the iPhone X surprises everyone when it starts in just 9.8 seconds, despite being the oldest is the fastest to go on. In the second third and fourth position we have a technical tie at around 16 and a half seconds and it is the iPhone of last year that managed to start later.

Curiously, the most modern iPhone, the iPhone 11 and the two iPhone 11 Pro, are the ones that take longer to start exceeding 19 seconds to everyone's surprise. It is clear that they will have some components that take longer to start for some reason, but it is curious the great advantage in this section of a device with two years.