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What does Tencent do to eliminate hackers in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has become one of the most successful games of the moment and one of the best in the Battle Royale genre. That's why many fans in the world are willing to do anything, including traps, to succeed in this game. So Its developers have had to take action on the matter to eliminate hackers in the game. If you want to know what it is, you cannot miss this article.

Tencent takes steps to get rid of hackers in PUBG Mobile

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Tencent Games announced earlier this month that it has begun imposing a 10-year ban on PUBG Mobile players that cheat or participate in dishonest actions. In order to provide a fair gaming experience for everyone, the developer has announced new initiatives that it believes will help make the popular game free from hackers.

And is that Tencent already has a security team that Work 24 hours to identify and eliminate those who want to play dirty. The first line of defense against cheats involves systems that scan modified game data or some suspicious software, while a second line of defense seeks "Impossible events" in the game. In cases where the security team feels that someone is cheating, but cannot prove it, the user may be placed under observation.

Tencent plans to continue advocating for fair play in PUBG Mobile

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In the near future, Tencent plans to take a few more steps to get ahead of the cheats. For starters, you're looking for additional ways to communicate with players, so they can help denounce hackers. Some important improvements have also been made to detection methods, which are expected to help keep scammers away.

In fact, the last update of PUBG Mobile, version 0.15.0, allows detecting players trying to cheat making it look like they have a poor connection. In addition, Tencent has closed hundreds of social channels, eliminating thousands of videos and dozens of servers that sell or advertise hacks for PUBG Mobile.

So if at some point it crosses your mind to cheat while playing PUBG Mobile, you should think twice because you will have been banned for 10 years.

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