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We explain how Sweatcoin works and if it's really worth it

We explain how Sweatcoin works and if it's really worth it

You don't know how Sweatcoin works? Is it that you still have not heard that there is an application that "pays you" for going for a walk or run? If you are looking for some extra motivation to lift your butt off the couch and move your body, or if you are already a fitness fan, you will surely not bother getting some “extra gifts” for sweat the fat dropa little more.

how sweatcoin works

Sweatcoin It is a great way to earn rewards for moving, but if there is already confusion on any issue related to digital currencies or cryptocurrencies, we believe that there are even more with respect to their applications in the real world. But don't be ashamed if you feel overwhelmed by such arcane terms as cryptocurrency Y blockchain, names that may seem more complicated than they really are. To help you get around all this demonic jargon, we have developed this simple explanatory guide on what Sweatcoin is and how it works.

What is Sweatcoin exactly?

Sweatcoin is a "kind of" digital currency that you earn by being active. We say "kind of", since, strictly speaking, it is not a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Etherum and others like the Facebook Pound.

In fact, it is much more like a point accumulation program, or "miles for purchases" that some credit cards have. But it is true that many people, seeing the termination -coin eIn his name, he has associated it with a cryptocurrency to use.

How does Sweatcoin work?

To start amassing your fortune, you must first download the Sweatcoin app and keep it running on your smart phone at all times. The application will ask you for permission to have a GPS access from your location. Starting, there are many people who do not like to share their location at all times. If you are one of those, this application is not for you, since – for it to work – Sweatcoin should know at all times where you are.

So, every time you walk or run away from home, this app follows your steps and pays you in sweatcoins (SWC) For every 1,052 steps you take, you gain 1 SWC.

After accumulating enough SWC, you can exchange them for items such as sports watches, Amazon credits, music downloads, e-books, miles areas or gift cards.

The offers vary, and are based, to a large extent, on the agreements that Sweatcoin arrives with other companies. All these transactions can be seen through the Sweatcoin application, although you can also use your sweatcoins to update it at different subscription levels.


Every day, from 8.00 in the morning, Sweatcoin offers are renewed. And eye, that these can even be updated several times a day, so in addition to walking you will have to be aware of the Sweatcoin page in case there is any offer that you can already buy.

You can find offers as subscriptions of three months to the well-known Tidal, (22.99 Sweatcoins) and you can also opt for applications such as Singa Karaoke (Premium use for one month and for 4.99 Sweatcoins) or you can buy the Calm meditation app for 2.99 Sweatcoins.

You can also buy things. For example? Earin wireless headphones, which in the market are priced at $ 250 dollars, but you can take them for 6,999 SWC. Ok … and this, taken to the real world, how much is it?


Here the numbers can scare you. If with 1,050 steps you gain 1 SWC, you will need 7,348,950 steps to get 6,999 SWC. If you stick to the popular belief (not scientifically proven, but widespread) that 10,000 steps must be taken per day to stay in good shape, you will have to take these ten thousand steps for about 734.9 two years and five days to get the 6,999 SWC that Earin hearing aids cost, which after two years of insurance will have some more desirable model …

An iPhone 8, or $ 1,000 dollars in cash in PayPal? 20,000 SWC, about 21,000,000 steps in total, that 10,000 daily steps together in 5 years and 275 days. Eye: walking every day 10,000 steps, which at the height of a "normal" person (neither too low nor too high) equals about 6 kilometers.

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S: They are numbers that can be ridiculous, but also consider that so far no one has paid you a penny for having walked what you have already walked. So the idea of ​​putting in a cryptocamp a money to walk because you are going to walk, s or s does not sound completely foolish.

The truth is that we have gone to the most appetizing products, but there are also others that cost less, such as a 3-month subscription to Tidal (5 SWC). There are also a number of online alternatives that you can "buy" with your SWC programs, courses which will surely be expanded as Sweatcoin reaches agreements or memberships with different companies.