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Typewise: the curious keyboard with hexagonal design for Android that promises to reduce your typing errors

It is available in a beta version for Android and its creators ensure that the design of virtual keys minimizes typos

In the last decade the
mobile phones
 they evolved into a design with touch screens and virtual keyboards replacing the physical keys of the BlackBerry cell phone models. Users soon adapted to this change and a study showed that
it is written so quickly on a cell phone compared to a PC, where physical keyboards still dominate.

However, writing from mobile devices is not free of errors, types as they are called in digital jargon, and that's why
Typewise, a curious virtual keyboard with a hexagonal design for each of the letters, numbers and symbols available for everyday writing.

Its creators ensure that 97 percent of the words entered with Typewise are error-free, compared with 73 percent of the virtual keyboards available in the market. In turn, each key has a hexagonal design that is 70 percent larger than the traditional layout, which avoids errors when selecting the desired key.

Typewise an is in its beta development stage, but it can be
Download a trial version from the Google Play Store, and the creators promise that it can soon be used on iPhone phones.