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Twitter prohibits political advertising, and now the eyes point to Facebook

Twitter prohibits political advertising, and now the eyes point to Facebook

Political advertising is being one of the great topics on the social media agenda such as Twitter and Facebook, especially in the case of the latter, as they have adopted a policy that public characters can publish ads without scrutiny, and therefore, with lies This has been a great stir, and led Mark Zuckerberg to answer many questions on the subject in his last appearance at the United States Congress.

There are several voices that have affirmed that the best thing Menlo Park can do is say goodbye to any political announcement. Twitter has taken the lead, and last night Jack Dorsey, CEO of the social network, announced it goes thread. This generated applause especially from democratic politicians, and outrage and complaints by the Republican and more conservative.

"The scope of the political message must be earned, not bought"

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With this statement begins the argument of Jack Dorsey, and continues. "A political message gains scope when people decide to follow an account or retweet. Paying for the scope eliminates that decision, forcing highly optimized political messages and aimed at people. We believe that this decision should not be compromised by money. "" The power (of the power of political ads) carries significant risks to politics, where it can be used to influence votes and affect the lives of millions, "he said. the CEO.

In clear allusion to how the system has worked so far, and to Facebook, Dorsey has stated that It is not consistent to say that they are working hard to stop the misinformation on the platform at the user level, so that any politician arrives with money and can skip those limits. Thus, it encompasses all this problem within the challenges that already affect Internet communication, such as massive microsegmentation, deep fakes, etc.

Dorsey also says that, although it may seem that they favor actors who already have weight in politics, they have seen many social movements reach a large size without having invested political ads. In this sense, it asks for more regulation on political ads, reminding us of "we need to be regulated" by Zuckerberg.

Finally, in response to accusations that may arise On freedom of expression, the executive mentioned that this measure is not about that, but of paying for the scope of political discourse, and that at this moment the democratic infrastructure may not be prepared to deal with it.

The big question: what are the limits


A measure like the one announced by Jack Dorsey not only brings applause and criticism. The former have arrived, for example, from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, while Trump's campaign manager has charged heavily against the measure:

Regarding the big question of what are the limits of what is going to be allowed on the platform, Jack has made a mention of a case that will not be prohibited: voter registration support, which in the United States is something very important because by default You cannot vote if you do not register for each election. Also, Dorsey has confirmed that they will share the full conditions of the operation of this measure on November 15. The prohibition will take effect on the 22nd of that same month.

We will have to meet the specific conditions to see if agenda items such as climate change are "political" or not. What Twitter has not announced that changes are the measures that I already talked about allowing politicians to break the rules of the platform without eliminating their messages (even if they hide them).