summon golden knights saint seiya awakening

Tricks to summon the best Knights in Saint Seiya: Awakening

summon golden knights saint seiya awakening

Saint Seiya: Awakening Knights of the Zodiac It is the turn-based battle game of the moment on Android, not only for its countless personals (more than 70 available so far), its graphic section, or a dream soundtrack, but for a unique invocation system in his style that challenges us to give our best to get the best characters in the game.

In this type of videogames, it is necessary get powerful characters to move quickly and conquer any challenge that comes before us. Yes alright in Saint: Awakening We can obtain Knights through different methods, it is with the invocation system where we will get the best Saints to join them to our team. That's why we want to show you how it works, with this guide about how to invoke the best Knights in Saint Seiya Awakening. Are you with us?

An invocation system like no other

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If we already show you what are the best attackers of Saint Seiya: Awakening, now we have to know how to get them? In Awakening, Tencent turns the classic reward boxes They randomly grant improvements and characters, and they designed a ritual system where it becomes necessary to have some elements to make the invocation.

In general, as long as we have gems to be able to make an invocation, we can do it at any time. But that's where Saint Seiya: Awakening looks like other games of the genre, because the developers included a feature that will help us increase our chances of summon powerful characters.

When we perform a normal summoning ritual, we will find a message that lets us know how much fortune we have at that time to get a good character. Southern luck It is divided into three levels: fortunate, more fortunate and the most fortunate; Y tells us the chances of getting a more powerful character.

Summon the most powerful characters of Saint Seiya

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But the really interesting thing happens when we make a thematic invocation or one advanced invocation, since another message accompany our southern fate. Depending on the phrase that appears on the screen, we will get a clue to increase our chances of summon powerful Knights, like the gold ones.

These messages hide something else, and they serve as a guide to know where we should aim our mobile in the sky. Yes, the constellations will also contribute part of their cosmic energy in helping us. Depending on the message, this is what we will have to do to improve our chance of getting some of the strongest characters in the game:


Constellation to aim

The times change Do not point to any particular constellation.
Luck of the north Pegasus – 220639, 23h8m0s.
Western luck Aries – 254751, 2h8m9sVirgo – 04445, 12h14m35s
Oriental luck Sagittarius – 37339, 19h13m5sBetween Hound, Leo and Virgo – 175529, 12h3m42sLibra – 15817, 15h1m16sScorpio – 283356, 16h8m26sCrow – 462920, 21h14m25s
Southern Luck Aries – 254751, 2h8m9sCancer – 34351, 8h9m50s
Beginnings and endings Between Aries and Pisces – 174834, 1h14m43s
Almost infinite curiosity Scorpio –283356, 16h8m26sHound – 38217, 12h9m27s
Three constellations are of luck Scorpio – 283356, 16h8m26s
Time flies Scorpio – 283356, 16h8m26sTaurus – 18947, 4h8m12s
The fire indicates the arrival of the good fortune Virgo – 04445, 12h14m35sSagittarius –372353, 19h11m40s

To help us, it is recommended that we use the compass of our mobile, or better, some of the best applications to look and know the space on Android. We do not need to point exactly at the indicated coordinates, as long as we do it close enough.

Other tricks to increase our opportunities

summon powerful saint seiya characters "width =" 700 "height =" 350But there is more, Saint Seiya: Awakening is full of surprises, and therefore there are still two extra ways to get gold knights, the most powerful in the game. Tencent thought them all when helping us.

The new accounts they are more likely to unlock golden knights in the first 20 advanced summon attempts. A decision that the developers made so that the newest ones are competitive from the beginning. Then, the odds return to normal, with a 2% chance of getting characters S rank, 20% for saints rank A, and 78% for Knights rank B.

Another trick is the thematic invocation, every week they dedicate themselves to a golden knight different, which increases the probability of obtaining it, something very useful if we look for a specific character. Either because we don't have it, or because we need to improve it.