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This puzzle game challenges you with ingenuity, minimalism and a lot of intelligence

Puzzle games rarely include original mechanics, but sometimes titles emerge that surprise us with their originality. Orbita AI is one of those games that, if you are looking for a mental challenge, you will end up enjoying, and much.

A puzzle that uses the sensors of your mobile, that is Orbita AI

Minimalism is fashionable, but don't be fooled by its simplicity, since Orbita AI is a more complex game than you might think.

The game itself is introduced as Orbit, an artificial intelligence that loves puzzles. Orbita introduces us to a first challenge, in which it teaches us the basic objective of the game, to illuminate the spheres of each level. This first challenge is simple, since it is enough to shake the mobile to overcome it.

As we overcome this first contact, Orbita will take us to a map with challenges of various types. These maps will have several points that we will have to illuminate, although it will not be mandatory to illuminate all to unlock new puzzles.

During the time that we have been playing Orbita AI, we had to solve puzzles by changing the brightness of the mobile, rotating the screen or using the volume keys. Now, the game has asked us for permissions to use the camera and microphone, so it has left us wanting to continue playing to meet these new challenges. One of those games that falls in love with its simplicity.

A free game with a good micropayment system

Orbita AI is a free game that includes ads and micropayments, implemented in a way that does not break the magic of the game. The model free to play At no time will it overwhelm us to pay, but it will be present in a very subtle way.

The game offers us the possibility to give us clues on how to solve the riddles, but for this we will have to pay. In the store we can buy coins that will help us unlock a track, although we will also have the possibility to pay for having a detailed guide on how to overcome a challenge. From my point of view, if you are a person who likes to solve puzzles without help, You can enjoy this game for free.