This new app to watch TV on your Android will surprise you

This new app to watch TV on your Android will surprise you

Since almost anything can be done with the mobile, and its screen opens the door to a whole world of possibilities … Why not watch TV when we are away from the TV? It is not that smartphones have compatibility to directly access broadcasts, something that can happen with the radio, but there are always ways to watch TV on Android without too many complications. Like the one offered by a new application.

In The Free Android We have been explaining a lot of ways to watch TV on your mobile. With veteran apps, using video players and IPTV lists … Even with the impressive Kodi. Some methods are more complicated than others, so you have a simple app, and that It can be downloaded from Google Play, is always good news.

Spain's TV / DTT in your pocket It is a new application (it has one week) that opens the door to all Spanish DTT broadcasts. Without complications: load the app, choose a channel from the list and play it. It works really well, hence we recommend it.

Frequent update of channels, very simple and with support for Google Chromecast

All channels offered by the application are open, so do not expect to see any paid broadcast. Spain's TV / DTT in your pocket offers the list differentiating between generalist and also autonomous chains. In this way you can access the channels of another community when you are not currently in it.

This new app to watch TV on your Android opens the door to all DTT

In addition to offering the list, and differentiating by broadcast area, the app also offers data on the availability of channels. Since the TV / DTT of Spain in the pocket collects the transmissions that the chains realize through Internet, and that these change frequently, Developers must constantly update them in the application. In this sense, we can say that the app is very updated, something basic for the service they offer.

The reproduction is of good quality, the list of channels it offers is very wide, the simplicity of the application is extreme and, as the only downside, we find with the ads (added to those of the chains themselves). They are not exaggerated: a banner at the bottom of the channel menu and full-size advertising when playing the channel. You have no in-app purchase option to remove the ads.

Spain's TV / DTT in your pocket We think it is highly recommended. It's free, it has support for Google Chromecast and allows you to watch TV with the ease of downloading from Google Play. If you were looking for a new way to access DTT from your Android now you have it.