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This is VoloDrone, the impressive drone that can carry up to 200 kilos

This is VoloDrone, the impressive drone that can carry up to 200 kilos – LA NACION





The VoloDrone with Christoph Hommet, Volocopter Engineer

electric areis taxis and the
Drone delivery are part of the trends that seek to revolutionize passenger transport and package delivery. About these proposals est
Volocopter, a firm that has prototypes that seek to cover both proposals and that VoloDrone has just presented, a huge
 Equipped with 18 electric rotors that can be controlled remotely and can carry a load of up to 200 kilos.

The VoloDrone can be configured with different accessories according to the need for cargo transport, either to attend emergency areas or to fumigate fields


With benefits closer to a small helicopter or plane, the VoloDrone can be controlled up to a distance of 40 kilometers and can reach a speed of up to 110 kilometers per hour. It is based on an interchangeable battery system, an operation that does not require more than five minutes.

Volovopter is a German company that has Daimler inverters and Chinese automaker Geely, and plans to develop various service proposals with its electric arenas. In this way, the huge drone can be used with different configurations, from transporting humanitarian aid loads to disaster areas to performing fumigation tasks in fields.


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