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They put a machine to fold and unfold the Galaxy Fold to see when the screen stopped working

Samsung assured that the Galaxy Fold was ready to support more than 200,000 folds and showed it to us on video. It was the equivalent of using it five years in regular use, opening and closing the mobile 100 times a day. But that was in the month of March, a few weeks before Samsung had to withdraw the product because the first units began to show defects after a short time. The manufacturer removed the device to solve these problems and now, as of October 18, become available again.

The new Galaxy Fold has improved the hinge and reinforced the edges so that the screen does not occur when folded. Some improvements that have achieved that at least during these weeks has not heard again talk about problems. While that feeling of fragility seems inherent to flexible screens, such is that Samsung itself places all kinds of warnings to be careful when using it.

The new Galaxy Fold does not break at the first

Now, from CNET have wanted to check the resistance of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and have subjected it to a hard test. Broadcasting it live, they have used a machine to fold and unfold the Galaxy Fold until the screen breaks. The objective was to verify if it survives the 200,000 folds, a figure that has not reached but where s shows that Samsung's mobile is able to endure thousands of times.

Samsung Galaxy Fold, first impressions: the continuous sensation of holding the mobile of the future even if there is still work to be done

For this they have contacted SquareTrade Inc, a San Francisco company that has a machine capable of automating the fold. Initially it was planned to endure something else, but The test ended after 119,380 folds.

As the authors explain, it is not a scientific test and is far from Samsung's laboratory conditions. It is easy to observe that the machine folds and folds the Galaxy Fold with much more force of what users could do.

The result is that half of the screen stops working and you can see broken pixels, but it is interesting to know that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is created to withstand so many folds. And is that approximately 120,000 folds equals more than 3 years of use folding it about 100 times a day. Enough to show that the new consignment seems ready for normal use.

Goes | CNET

         They put a machine to fold and unfold the Galaxy Fold to see when the screen stopped working