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These are the best true wireless headphones on the market

These are the best true wireless headphones on the market

With the arrival of the best true wireless headphones, every day the wired headphones are left behind and behind, and probably sooner than you think they will be remembered as the time of the dinosaurs.

Although there is no doubt that the headphones true wireless they are more colorful and modern, sometimes it is quite difficult to find them of great quality. Batteries of short duration, poor sound, poor quality connections there are many true wireless wireless models that are not so good, and make us miss the cables very soon. In many cases, Bluetooth wired headphones give you much more for your money, but if you're ready to leave all cables for a completely wireless headset, we're here to help.

General picture

Product Category
1More Stylish The best
Apple AirPods The best for iOS
Samsung Galaxy Buds The best alternative to AirPods
Jabra Elite Active 65t The best for athletes
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless The best sound
Powerbeats Pro The best bass headphones

1More Stylish

The best

Why should you buy them? For its low cost, comfort and sweat resistance.

Who are they for? For those who want a better battery than the AirPod, sweat resistance and excellent design at a more than reasonable price.

Why do we choose the 1More Stylish?

An elegant and comfortable design, in addition to tons of excellent functionality are found at a very low price in the latest 1More wireless headphones, which makes them our favorites when our friends and family ask us what to buy.

They have an amazing duration of 6.5 hours of listening between charges, with the possibility in addition to three full charges available in the case, which in other words means that you will have up to 26 hours of playback before you have to plug the micro USB cable.

Unlike the AirPods, these headphones have sweat resistance along with their built-in fins and silicone tips, which means they stay in your ears even during the most sweaty and heartbreaking workouts.

That, plus great sound and an aptX cdec included for incredible Bluetooth audio, make 1More Stylish an absolute bargain. If you are looking for a pair of really wireless and good headphones, you cannot miss this option.

Apple AirPods

The best for iOS

Why should you buy them? Because they are reliable, ultra functional and sound good enough to be an intelligent update of Apple's wired EarPods.

Who are they for? For devotees of the Apple ecosystem.

Why do we choose them? Apple's iconic white headphones have long been the nightmare of headphones that use Apple. Uniquely sized models for some are often difficult to place correctly in their ears, and the sound quality is at best average. But unlike Google's Pixel Buds tied, with the Apple AirPods, it has delivered a solid product worthy of consideration.

While the sound is simply correct, AirPods have better audio options than their wired counterparts, and also include several useful features that work consistently (a rarity in the wireless universe). Apple fans appreciate Siri connectivity, intuitive touch controls and accelerometers that recognize when the headphones are in or out, and pause and play automatically. They offer 5 hours of music streaming per load (even among the best in its class, more than a year after its launch), and even have an extended range of about 100 feet with no obstructions.