The world's most expensive iPhone is worth more than a Porsche

The world's most expensive iPhone is worth more than a Porsche

Money can do everything, or at least it is something that many people repeat as a day-to-day mantra. For this reason we always find brands that are willing to create such exclusive products that only a few people in the world can afford, Well, we talk about products so expensive that you need to be rich or a millionaire to give yourself these luxuries.

The brands we talked about have already been mentioned before in Unocero, and one of them is Vertu, which creates special versions of different devices with leather and diamond finishes. However, another very popular firm for doing the same is Caviar, which today boasts of selling the most expensive iPhone in the world.

iPhone 11 Pro Solarius

The brand has named its new collection iPhone 11 Pro Solarius, and has also made it clear that there will only be one piece of each iPhone unit built in gold and diamonds. So we talked about the fact that 6 versions of the iPhone Pro Solarius, 3 of the iPhone 11 Pro (64,256 and 512 GB), and 3 of the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be available in the world.

The phones have almost half a kilo of gold at the back, and the brand has mentioned that there are 137 diamonds embedded in the whole body, hence it is a unique and elegant design.

In the central part we see a watch with a tourbillon, which is a watch mechanism in whose center there is a yellow diamond that seeks to symbolize a solar stone.

And it is that the brand has said that its new collection seeks to represent the eternal life that the Sun gives to our planet, hence the most basic model of these phones is sold in 70 thousand dollars, that at the exchange rate are a million 336 thousand pesos, that is, more than it costs a Porsche 718 Cayman or a Porsche 718 Boxster.

On the other hand, the 512 GB model of the iPhone 11 Pro Solarius will sell for $ 71,512.

Mars, Moon and Earth Collection

If the Solarius collection seems too much to you, then Caviar will have available luxury but cheaper versions called Mars, Moon and Earth of the same models.

The Mars version will sell for 8,100 dollars (154 thousand Mexican pesos), the Luna version will cost 8,130 dollars, and the Earth model will be available for 8,260 pesos.

And if you wonder why these models are called as, Caviar says that they contain fragments of Mars, the Moon and a meteorite, respectively, which are supposedly certified by the Geological and Mineralgic Expert Consultation of the Mineralgic Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences .