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the update that fixes the iOS 13.2 error on the smart speaker

At the beginning of the week Apple public iOS 13.2 for the iPhone and also for the HomePod. This update, focused on providing new features such as multi-user support in English or ambient sounds, left many HomePods unusable when updated. Apple withdraw the update as a preventive measure, now iOS 13.2.1 arrives in principle to solve this problem.

As we reflected a few days ago, the update to iOS 13.2 in HomePods caused them to stay locked. Apple decided to withdraw this update and instead it seems that iOS 13.2.1 arrives directly to the smart speakers.

The changes in iOS 13.2.1? Apple basically indicates the same ones we had in iOS 13.2, without making any reference to the error correction. According to the company, the changes are those reflected in the following image:


The update appear and be installed automatically in HomePods. Also, you can manually update the HomePod from the Home app on the iPhone or iPad by choosing the HomePod as the device to configure. As a reminder, users who updated to iOS 13.2 and the HomePod were blocked, they should contact Apple Support, since this update will not be able to install.

         iOS 13.2.1 now available for HomePod: the update that fixes the iOS 13.2 error on the smart speaker