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The Redmi X is the new Xiaomi mobile with a fingerprint sensor on the screen

Xiaomi Redmi

A few days ago we attended the birth of the new Xiaomi brand, Redmi, which went from being a family to a company of its own, although it is logical that it was still under the tutelage of the parent company. In that same event he presented his first mobile, the Redmi Note 7, a terminal that stood out for its 48 Mpx camera.

Although at first it was thought that the Redmi would only be economic mobiles focused on the low range and the midrange, those responsible for the brand indicated that it would not be so, and that they were even working on a device with the Snapdragon 855. We began to think that the idea of ​​Xiaomi was to create its own Honor, a brand with tentacles in all categories but that would not overshadow the main brand.

The Redmi X will be the company's second mobile

Xiaomi Redmi

And in those we were when we learned that the firm has confirmed the date for a new event in which its second terminal will be announced, called Redmi X.

The image published on Chinese social networks shows how the name stands out along with a date at the bottom, February 15. That will be the day the new device is announced, as well as the markets where it will be put up for sale and the price of it.

On-screen fingerprint sensor

Unlike what we have seen with the Xiaomi Mi 9, there are no images that show us how this new smartphone will be, but we do know that it will have fingerprint sensor on screen, which presumably makes it fit more in the mid-range or upper-middle category than in the lower range. At least so far we have not seen any cheap mobile with this type of biometric identification.

We'll have to wait for that day to see if it really Redmi X is the final name of the device or if it is a code name.