Pixel 4 sound problem on Instagram and Snapchat

The Pixel 4 has sound problems on Snapchat and Instagram videos

Pixel 4 sound problem on Instagram and Snapchat

Few mobile phones that reach the market without problemsWell, it is very common to see someone else's performance problem, or something related to the software that does not work as it should work.

The same, or something similar, is what is happening to several of the users who bought the new Google Pixel 4. According to what they have described on Reddit, Twitter and Google forums the Pixel 4 plays a kind of popping sound or clicking on recorded videos through Instagram and Snapchat applications.

Why does Pixel 4 have this problem with Instagram and Snapchat?

For now, It is not known very well why this happens in applications like Snapchat and Instagram. Google has not spoken about it, as it seems that there are few users who are experiencing this problem related to video recording from these apps.

The truth is that the applications that are affected are just Instagram and Snapchat, as several users have tried recording videos and sound in other applications, and did not experience any type of click or pounding when playing the recorded video.

Not all Pixel 4 have this problem

If you are thinking of buying a Pixel 4, or you have one, we recommend that you keep calm, as it is not something as serious as it seems. Not all units seem to have this problem., as several users reported that they have not experienced any strange sound when recording videos with Instagram and Snapchat.

Most likely, Google will release an update. within the next few weeks to solve this inconvenience. Similarly, we still don't know what causes it, nor do we have official information about it.

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