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The number of compatible devices the beta of Android Q be greater than with Android P

Android Q

In the Google I / O of last year, Google announced that the Android Pie beta would not only be available in the Pixel range, but that different manufacturers would also be included in the beta phase, but not all of them, only on devices that were initially part of the Project Treble.

The Project Treble is the project with which Google wants Android updates not take so long to reach compatible terminals, since it is the company that is responsible for driver compatibility of the different components that are part of the devices, being the task of the manufacturer to adapt the interface.

Although the Project Treble seems to have not had the expected success from Google, at least it is what It shows the poor adoption we have seen of Android P among the different manufacturers, the search giant plans to expand the number of companies that will be part of the Android beta Q.

According to Iliyan Malchev of Project Treble, The number of companies participating in the Android Q beta is even higher than last year. Malchev has made these statements to the Android Developers podcast, (chapter number 110 in case you want to hear it).

Malchev does not mention the exact number of manufacturers which will be part of the project this year. The previous year were 7: Essential, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo, Sony, Vivo and Xiaomi. If Samsung or Huawei joined the project, it would be the boost that this project really needs so that Android users stop being forced to wait several months to be able to enjoy the novelties offered by anything new version of Android.

For now, we will have to wait at least a couple of months to see which will be the new manufacturers that join this Google initiative

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