The new Fortnite update adds new elements to recover shields and health


As usual, the boys of Epic Games have released the corresponding update of the week. On this occasion, they have had a lot of work, since with the arrival of the previous update, The number of errors and bugs presented by the game in all its versions was alarming.

With the arrival of version 8.20 of Fortnite, the Epic Games guys have added new fruit elements as the main novelty with which we can not only get healthy but also allows us to recover shields and even go faster for a few seconds. Below we show you all the details of version 8.20 of Fortnite.

Regarding the elements that allow us to recover health We found bananas that allow us to recover 5 health points and that are available in the tropial biome. Coconuts appear by damaging the palm trees and grant 5 health points and we can find them in the tropical and desert biome. Peppers in addition to 5 health points, increase the player's movement speed by 20% for 10 seconds. They are only available in the desert.


The bolonchos already do not cause damage when colliding with players. The push or rebound effect remains unchanged. Another of the new elements that have arrived with this update is found in the traps of poisonous darts in a rare variant, can be placed on floors, walls and ceilings, available in booties. They cause 10 damage per pulse with a total of 8 pulses for 7 seconds causing a total of 80 damage points.

But what really attracts attention is that it is not possible to recover life or shields when we carry out a elimination. This option was introduced with Fortnite version 7.40, but as Epic Games has said, this has caused many users to play more aggressively.

The possibility of being able to recover health and shields only available in Arena mode, a new competitive mode available after the last update. Fortnite is available for download completely free of charge through the official Epic Games website.

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