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The new AirPods Pro will be presented in up to 8 colors according to rumors

concepto AirPods 3

AirPods 3 concept

If you do anything we found out how it will be the charging case of the new AirPods Pro, now from MacRumors come new leaks that indicate that Apple's new wireless headphones will be produced in up to 8 different colors, according to a report from Economic Daily News Chinese.

Rumors everywhere

If the saying says that when the river sounds, water carries, these rumors should not be very far from reality, although it is true that from the website we are warned of the complicated translation of Chinese in these cases, and that it may be that some data is incorrect because of this.

AirPods Pro Colors concept

8 colors to please everyone

Something to highlight is the fact that these new AirPods Pro will be presented in 8 colors, something that may not seem to fit with what Apple usually does, although on the other hand and seeing its current range of headphones, it will not be misguided. Among these colors are mentioned the Green night of the new iPhone 11 Pro and black, which was already in the pipeline in the last generation of AirPods but that finally did not see the light, predictably to be able to announce it with this new one.

New features for AirPods Pro

Apple will have introduced in the new AirPods the same function that I presented two weeks ago in the new Beats Solo Pro, called Transparency, which allows listening to the environment while the music thanks to the activation of the headphone microphones. This function makes it easy to be alert to the sounds of the environment, or to have a conversation without having to take off our headphones or stop listening to music.

Transparency will allow the new AirPods to listen to the environment while the music thanks to the microphones responsible for canceling active noise

Release without Keynote?

With October in its last days, and usually without Keynotes in November and December, everything indicates that the launch of the AirPods Pro could be carried out by means of a simple press release, to have them available for the Christmas campaign. If you have to wait for the next event, it will be 2020 already entered, in the same Keynote possibly as the iPhone SE 2.