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The Motorola Razr with folding screen: everything we know

The Motorola Razr with folding screen: everything we know

motorola razr folding screen 2 moto yanko designDo you remember the classic Motorola Razr V3? The phone style clamshell Motorola has been one of the most iconic, almost or at the same level as the Nokia 3310 and even the first original iPhone. And while the first Razr is now just a memory, it will appear to have a successor, but it will arrive in the form of a smart phone with a folding screen, one of the growing trends in cell phones.

The truth is that it is not the first time that Razr's name is once again the center of attention. Lenovo used the Razr V3 to promote a foldable smart phone in 2016, and it was also reused in a series of smart Android phones at the time quite decent. But now, he will return to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and other similar devices. Therefore, we have compiled all the news, images, rumors and leaks about the Motorola Razr with folding screen.

New filtered photo

leaked photo motorola razr leaked photo@ evleaks / Twitter

A leaked photo on the last days of October has shown why we should be excited about this intriguing device. It seems that the company has remained very close to the iconic design of the original Razr, a device that was the first mobile phone of a large number of users globally.

The photo leaked by the well-known @evleaks on Twitter seems to have come from promotional material for the press, and shows the classic form of aflip-phoneslightly open and resting in the palm of one hand. The remarkable thing here is the phone size, since it is very compact, especially since it seems to be clearly a female hand that is holding the device. The open top reveals the reflective surface of the screen, which is expected to extend from the bottom to the top of the phone when it is open.

Release date

Initially it had been rumored that Motorola would aim for a 2019 summer launch for its Motorola Razr foldable phone, but that obviously didn't happen. However, it has already been confirmed that the company will reveal this intriguing device at an event on November 13, and we will give you all the details when they present it.

Motorola's original date was probably aimed at competing with Samsung and Huawei folding phones. Dan Dery, Director of Global Products at Motorola, said the company "began working on folding a long time ago," adding that it had no intention of arriving later than everyone else in the market. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the source that speaks with Cnet is animate and that secret release dates are often subject to change.

With the launch of Huawei Mate X postponed at the moment and the Samsung Galaxy Fold just released after problems with the review units, Motorola probably considered it wise to wait. Still, a launch before the end of 2019 could be good news for Motorola, leading to lucrative sales for the Christmas season.

Availability and price

In terms of availability and price, according to the Wall Street Journal, Lenovo (the Motorola-owned company) partnered with Verizon to sell the device in the US. But if you are hoping to have one in your hands you should start saving, because, according to the sources that spoke with the publication, it is likely to have a price of around $ 1,500 dollars. Although this represents hundreds of dollars less than the Samsung Galaxy Fold of $ 1,980 dollars, it is certainly a fairly high price, even more than many computers

Additionally, a previous Znet report said that Motorola may be working on a second folding phone with two folds, although the device is not likely to fall under the Razr brand.


How do you see the folding Razr phone? Finally we can get an idea close to reality. SlashLeaks got what appears to be a marketing image of the new Motorola Razr, and everything indicates that the previous leaks were quite close.



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