The Motorola camera is updated with augmented reality and more

The Motorola camera is updated with augmented reality and more

Motorola is not only putting special interest in updating its terminals to Android 9 but it is also doing the same with some of the few applications that it preinstalls on its mobile phones. Do not forget that while not using Android One is one of the brands that less personalizes the Android experience.

Today we have known that it has launched an update for the camera of its mobiles that brings several novelties, some of the highly anticipated augmented reality stickers, after incorporating the front portrait mode a few weeks ago.

You can update the application from the Google Play Store but it is only compatible with this manufacturer's smartphones.

What's new in the app update

In addition to fix some bugs of the application, Motorola has introduced several new features. To start, we have the live filters, which will let us know how the photos will look before making them. This is applicable to all your mobiles.

Also for everyone comes the option of making the app start in manual mode, in case we always want to control the shooting options and not have to change to this mode every time we start the camera. It also incorporates the histogram and the possibility of change Kelvin temperature. The latest news for all devices is the one that allows you to activate a function of the interface that prevents the photos from going out crooked by not aligning the horizon well.

Finally, the greatest novelty is the inclusion of augmented reality stickers, which will arrive via Google Lens later this month. For now, only the Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play are compatible since the Moto G7 Play, G6, G5s Plus, Moto X4 and Motorola One do not have the necessary hardware to support this functionality.