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The most important decisions to buy tablet


The most important decisions to buy tablet

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January 18, 2018

During Christmas we have talked a lot about how to find the perfect tablet to give, but facing the new season that begins and now that the CES 2018 He has already left us a few debuts of the most interesting, we leave our recommendations to help you choose which tablet to buy for yourselves, attending to those that in our judgment are the fundamental decisions.

Decide budget

It is common sense, but it is the basic decision that will condition all the others, because according to what we can spend, there are options that are practically excluded: tablets of 100 euros or less It is a very specific niche of 7 and 8 inch tablets, very basic, recommended for children and very occasional users; between about 130 and 280 euros we have the mid-range tablets, Android fundamentally (unless we don't mind resorting to importation); between 300 and 400 euros We have some options that go a bit out of the ordinary in the mid-range; getting a good high-end tablet will cost us at least 600 euros and if we want a Windows of a certain level we have to think about 700 or 800 euros at least. It's always good to be attentive to tablets on offer, but rarely does the discount cause them to get out of those basic ranges.

The best 10-inch mid-range tablets (2017)

The best 10-inch mid-range tablets (2017)

Decide how long we expect it to last and how much work we will give

In order to decide in what price range we can afford to move, it is important to think if we can agree to spend a little more if we are waiting for the tablet we last several years and especially if we are quite intensive users. There are many factors that influence the good condition in which we can expect a tablet to be maintained (finishes, hardware, updates …) and not all age equally well. Although tablets do not require renewal as often as smartphones, we tend to postpone it too much sometimes and not all of them are in a position to support it.

What are the most durable tablets and what are the keys

What are the most durable tablets and what are the keys

Decide what we want it for especially

The tablets are very versatile devices, some (each in its scale) are quite good for almost anything, but none is the best at all, so it is always interesting to think realistically what we are going to do with it more or what activity is a priority: do you have to above all serve us to to work? Do we want the best for to play? Or are we really going to use it especially for browse and watch series? Some activities have higher requirements than others (in hardware, accessories, etc.) and some may carry quite specific requirements, it is important to be clear about our priorities.

Decide the "extras" that interest us

Beyond the use that we are going to give, each one then has particular circumstances that can lead us to give priority to certain features, which many tablets lack or that make the price rise considerably. A clear example is the 4G connection, easy to find in mid-high-end Android tablets and on the iPad, but not on Windows tablets or in the basic range, and that can make the purchase quite expensive, depending on what brand and model we are thinking. Another example is the fingerprint reader, surely essential for many who use their tablet individually, but much less common in tablets than in smartphones. It is also very important to be aware of our habits and our real storage needs and to what extent we need or not more internal memory or a micro-SD card slot.

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